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Underneath the Speculation

You keep hearing self-anointed leaders decree that they have achieved yet another significant milestone, bringing us one step closer to the elusive real world adoption.

Everywhere you look, the same words are plastered all over the wall: This is it. This is the new technology that will onboard the masses.

Why aren't they here, then? You're met by a well rehearsed barrage of excuses. It's the user experience, they might say. It triggers a process of bastardisation marketed as abstraction. One element after the other gets "abstracted away", stripping away any complexity. They're shooting in the dark. This is more akin to chemotherapy than surgery. Don't you worry about it, just trust.

Trust! Trust that it will get better. Trust that we will deliver. Trust that we have your best interests in mind. The irony!

You took shortcuts. You sacrificed so much to get here. Now you claim that we're all set, all the pieces are coming together. We are ready for mass adoption. It's starting, it's here.

Where are the users? Show me the users!

It's a sea of speculation. You're selling fever dreams to gamblers. The promise of a quick buck. Every time, every cycle, we try on new disguises. The new meta, the new narrative. It has become so widely accepted, deeply ingrained.

ICOs, DeFi farming, airdrop farming, memecoins, celebrity coins, it goes on, and on, and on.

I felt ostracised at times, for not being enough of a degen. I am not here to gamble. The incentives are all wrong. You can't farm your users forever. If there is nothing else, what am I here for?

Stay tuned for a series of shorter blogs attempting to answer this question.